Stand out, and engage your customer through custom packaging that makes the right statement about your company.‚Äč

Corrugated Box Printing

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is -- if your packaging doesn’t capture the attention of your audience, your product will not move. At Wasatch Container, we work with you to capture the essence of your brand in attractive, high-quality corrugated box printing. We’ll help you make the right statement.



Retail Displays

It’s absolutely crucial that your retail display complements your product -- never outshining; never disappearing into oblivion; always attracting the right attention from the right people. At Wasatch Container, we’ll work with you to create a custom retail display that stands out from the competition, putting the focus where it belongs -- on your product.

Wooden Crates

It won't always fit in a box, but getting it there safely is vital. our bug free crates can ship internationally, and are custom designed to intricately match and protect the delicate contours of your product. We can even manufacture reusable & repairable crates and product skids. Wasatch Container has manufactured crates for the following applications: custom aerospace, military, government, medical, and industrial applications.


Always One Step Ahead

Wasatch Container consistently invests in new innovative technology to help give you a competitive edge at market. From Sketches to 3D Renderings, and Digital Printing to Augmented reality, Wasatch Container provides a thorough service to make sure your display is structurally sound, looks good, and will sell your product. 

To learn more about our products and capabilities, or to get in touch with our representative, contact us today.

Foam Fabrication

You’ve spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears developing and marketing your product. Make sure your devotion shows in your packaging. Foam packaging should not only protect your product; it should also impress your customer. Wasatch Container is a foam manufacturer that will custom design your foam packaging to be the highest in protection, while providing that “wow” factor to your customers.

case solutions

We understand no two products are alike. Designing and manufacturing cases shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter project. At Wasatch Container, we’ll work with you and your specific needs to create a custom case solution that will protect your product.

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