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Wasatch Container Wins Big At International Competition

Winner at Design Competition

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Orbit - WiFi Sprinkler System


Orbit irrigation and Wasatch Container partnered together to package  most innovative product yet, which is a home WiFi sprinkler system. This Journey started in 2015 and in March of 2016 they hit the shelves. The box looks amazing and the sprinkler system is incredible as it works off your smartphone to follow weather patterns. It saves water, money and it great for water conservation. Support our local Utah companies and go purchase a WiFi Timer Kit and start saving money and water!  Check out the News Report!  Thank you Orbit, we look forward to many more success stories.‚Äč

Value in Digital - Wasatch Container

Value in Digital

For smaller independents, digital printing can be a daunting and expensive endeavor. Wasatch Container has figured out a way to introduce technology into its product mix without disrupting the production workflow or breaking the bank.  Check out the Article




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