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Protection at it's finest. What matters most? The presentation, the destination or both? 

it's delicate.

Wasatch Container is a fabricator of Polyurethane Foam. An open cell material, it provides a softer feel, and is preferred for lighter, more shock sensitive products. Polyurethane is manufactured in various densities and firmness ratings. Firmness is independently calculated as Indentation Force Deflection or IFD, and the density is rated by pound per cubic foot. This material can be cut by CAD assisted saws, Water-Jet, or Die-Cutting. This material can also be come with Anti-Static properties as well as Fire-Retardant properties. If the fine cell aesthetic isn't enough, this material can be laminated with simulated velvet. 

It's impactful.

Does your product need more protection? Polyethylene can be easily fabricated to the contours of your product and mathematically engineered to protect you device. A closed cell material, it's very resilient. So resilient that it can be impacted repeatedly and will return to it's original shape. Polyethylene can be fabricated using welds, hot-knife, water-jet, or CAD operated saws.



You can be sure the design of your foam packaging will fit and protect your product -- before the project is even complete. First, we conceptually design the foam packaging in a 3D space. Then, we cut it to precision using our state-of-the-art tools and the latest in software.


You have your choice. We design and fabricate to sever different materials:

-Expanded polyethylene
-Expanded Polypropylene


Rest assured your product will maintain its structure and integrity in transit. We can incorporate shock absorption, cushioning, anti-static, or temperature sensitive environments into any foam packaging project. Bring us your obstacle, we'll solve it. 


 Don't just show your customers the your product; show them that you value the product by presenting your foam packaging in an aesthetically pleasing way. We help your presentation make an impression. 

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Retail Displays
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