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Wasatch Container to Manufacture 5,000 Face Mask

WC to Manufacture 5,000 Face Masks

56% of a customers' re-purchasing decision is influenced by the product's packaging 

‚ÄčInside/outside printing is becoming a niche market for Wasatch Container. The sheet plant began printing on both sides of the sheet about three years ago, running jobs in two passes. The company’s new 6.18 MiniPro from BW Papersystems allows it to run the same jobs in one pass. The four-color flexo folder-gluer is configured for three color outside and one-color inside.Ryan Frisch, Wasatch Container Sales Manager, says Wasatch purchased the machine for two reasons. “One, we needed to invest in some modern technology, and this machine makes very good square brown boxes, It does quick setups and runs at high speeds, which is critical when you’re making RSCs. The other reason is our customers want packaging that they can connect with. They want the unboxing experience. One in five consumers have watched an unboxing video. Also 56% of customers’ re-purchasing decisions are influenced by their interactions with the packaging. That’s all growing mainly through the e-commerce world. And retail is growing as well.” Read the full article here -!)-the-box-part-2

Wasatch Container on ABC Utah Success Stories Your Packaging is Your Brand! 

Click on the link to see the full episode Link(ABC4 NEWS – NORTH SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Not a lot of semi-trucks make deliveries at the ABC4 Studios. There is big “Wasatch Container” logo on this truck. The driver brings in a fancy printed box and it is clear that something special is inside. Lucky for me, I was the recipient of said box.Inside was some pretty awesome toffee. But that wasn’t the real treat…the actual something special was the packaging itself. You see, inside the box was one of the coolest business cards I’ve ever seen. It invites you to fold the paper and assemble a box. A box for a box company. I had to check this out this place in person. The first thing I noticed when walking into North Salt Lake based, Wasatch Container, is a lot of recognizable brands. Co-owner Lauren Frisch explained. “A lot of our customers are small to medium sized. Includes Sweets Candy, GPS skis, Taft shoes, Purple, Uinta Brewery, a lot of the Utah local manufacturers.” I asked Lauren to walk me through the process “Our customers either give us a product or a 3D model which goes to our design center. Our design center then uses CAD files to build a physical sample of it. And then it gets put on our machines and we manufacture it as well;” she said.Jerry Frisch started the company over 2 decades ago. As he gave me a tour of their plant we pointed out; “We believe that your packaging is your brand. “ With that said, what is Wasatch Container’s brand? It has a lot to do with an impressive 3-million-dollar machine and production line that creates unique award-winning packaging.Jerry proudly pointed out to me; “That machine can print three colors on one side, one color on the inside, at very high speeds which helps our client’s differential themselves in the market.” Jerry even let me work of the production line. I was amazed how much material they go through each day. He showed me rows upon rows of corrugated material and said; “All of this will be gone today. They’ll be new batch in later tonight. We’ll run that tomorrow. And we’ll get more, and more and more.”What people may not know if how much material Wasatch Container recycles. Jerry gave me the details. “Corrugated is a total sustainable product. All of our waste, all of our scrap. Everything gets bailed and sent back to the paper mill. It will be back in the mill system in a week and we’ll end up having new sheets ready to convert week after next.” Lauren took me and my videographer, Ed Wilets, down the street to their foam and crate shop and surprised us with a custom promo piece. “We put the ABC4 logo and the Wasatch Container logo and we cut it on our water jet. That machine allows very precise foam cutting;” she said. With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

Wasatch Container Wins Big At International Competition

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