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You just need more.

Sometimes a box doesn't cut it, you need something more rugged and transportable. Combined with different foam packaging, these cases provide reliable organization in the most extreme conditions. Wasatch Container has made cases for Military, Medical, Aerospace, Hobbyists, and other companies. Every case is custom designed to suit your needs, from rack mounts, trays, structurally braced cavities, to custom molded case sizes.


Ultimate Protection

Expensive, uniquely sensitive devices or products need special protection. In this case, a polypropylene case is the best choice. We'll proved you with several features, including:

-Water Tight
-Air Tight
-Rack Mounted
-Custom Molded
-And More

We'll work to suit your needs. 

Your Budget, Your Specs

Because we work with a variety of case manufacturers, we can provide you with several different options when it comes to your budget and specifications. We'll work with you to find the right solution. 

Lifetime Warranty

You can count on a limited lifetime warranty from most of our case manufacturers. 

Military Spec

 No matter  the extremity of the climate.. no matter the special circumstance, we design foam inserts to fully protect your product - anytime - anywhere. 

Corrugated Packaging
Retail Displays
Wooden Crates
Foam Packaging



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