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Enstrom Candies

Enstrom candies on QVC!

“I just received Enstrom’s gift box and I was BLOWN AWAY!” – Yelp Reviewer Enstrom Candies is known for their mouth-watering toffee and delicious gourmet chocolates. Wasatch Container and Enstrom Candies partnered to create the ultimate gift experience utilizing their packaging. This custom box includes a letter addressed to Toffee lovers, bright eye-catching graphics, and a sturdy structure with inserts to ensure your toffee and candy arrives safe and in-style.Check it out on QVC, or purchase at or check out the video below​

Value in Digital - Wasatch Container

Value in Digital

For smaller independents, digital printing can be a daunting and expensive endeavor. Wasatch Container has figured out a way to introduce technology into its product mix without disrupting the production workflow or breaking the bank.  Check out the Article

Dignity through work

Here at Wasatch Container we believe in partnership, especially meaningful partnership. By partnering with Columbus, we receive quality services while making an impact in the community.




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