Utah Manufacturer's assocation honors wasatch container with the environmental stewardship award



Wasatch Container is absolutely honored to receive the Utah Manufacturers Association's (UMA's) award for Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award. Protecting our planet needs to be at the forefront of our minds but especially in business. It takes all of us to protect our home. We are proud that corrugated packaging is truly a recycling success story. 


Corrugated boxes are made from renewable resource - trees - that are in managed forests that are planted, grown and harvested responsibly to protect the environment. Corrugated boxes are the most recycled packaging material on the planet by far with a 92% recycle rate. Each corrugated box that shows up on your front door contains at least 50% recycled material. 


Help us take care of the Earth for future generations. It is easy to commit to recycling your corrugated boxes.


Boxes - The most extraordinary, (and planet friendly) ordinary thing in the world!



Thank you again UMA for this amazing recognition and award!   






About Wasatch Container

Wasatch Container provides custom packaging to help you protect your products in transit, build your brand, and provide more value to your product. 

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