l3 technologies awards wasatch container supplier of the year award!

Wasatch Container, Utah’s premier designer and manufacturer of custom packaging, was awarded by L3 Technologies’, a leader in global aerospace and defense technology, a 2018 Top Supplier of the Year award. A Top Supplier of the Year award is the highest level of recognition earned within L3 Technologies which applauds their committed partners for exemplary performance. L3’s goal is to partner with loyal companies that have the ability to deliver innovative & affordable mission solutions. Wasatch Container continuously exceeds beyond their expectations for over the past 15 years by designing, manufacturing, and continuously improving complex foam and case solutions provided to our active military.


L3 Technologies measures their 2,600+ global suppliers by utilizing a Supplier Scorecard which highlights supplier’s performance for quality, innovation, on-time delivery, and an overall buyers rating. Wasatch Container received high ratings and multiple maximum scores across all categories. Wasatch Container is most proud to receive a 100%  rating from all buyers over the past 2 years.


Brett Bangerter, Wasatch Container’s Continuous Packaging Improvement Specialist for L3 Technologies, stated “Wasatch Container’s quality and delivery ratings got us in the running, but they also evaluated who really steps up in a time of need and we did just that which ultimately took us from being a finalist to winning.”


We are proud of our collaboration and look forward to working with L3 Technologies in the many years to come. Thank you L3 Technologies for your ongoing support and partnership. 






About Wasatch Container

Wasatch Container provides custom packaging to help you protect your products in transit, build your brand, and provide more value to your product. 

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